Blooper: Mute

Posted in Bloopers at 5:00 am by Sam

Stephen and I have terrible trouble with the mute button. We mute ourselves when the other is talking, to cut down on the amount of white noise that needs to be edited out later, but we’re always toggling it the wrong way by mistake. One of us will get done talking, and then the other will promptly mute himself before speaking.

This was greatly worsened when Stephen upgraded to Vista, and the mute button on his headset stopped lighting up when muted. (That is, the headset has an LED on the mute button…I’m not saying it smokes in the bathroom during breaks.) So, without a visual indication of when he’s muted and when not, it’s all the trickier to keep that toggle straight.

Here’s a typical example of what happens a lot during recording sessions. This particular one happened during the recording of Episode 45’s Alfred Hitchcock segment.

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