Blooper: Blah Blah Blah

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This blooper is actually more of a deleted scene.  For the Top 6 Fast-Paced Movies segment in Episode 11, I was expecting my list to be dominated by action movies, and I was somewhat surprised to see most of my short list comprised of comedies.  It was an even split in the end, but only because I forced myself to be diverse.

So I wrote some material that philosophized on why comedies seem more likely to work when they’re relentlessly fast-paced, vs. action movies that seemingly more often fall flat if they don’t slow down for a breath now and again.

But when I got around to recording that bit, I suddenly realized it just didn’t fit into the flow of the segment at all.  I had a shaky segue into it and utterly no segue out of it.  So I cut it.  But here it is, the scene the studio didn’t want you to hear, restored and remastered for your home listening pleasure.

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