Every Oscar Movie Ever

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Cracked made a great, great movie trailer for “every Oscar-winning movie ever.” It gets so many things exactly right. Watch it here.

It reminds me of the literal music videos.


Top 6 Words: Kiss

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“Kiss” is the word for this second post in the Top 6 Words series. My Top 6 list of movies with titles containing the word “kiss” after the jump. You might want to think up your own list before peeking. Chime in with your favorite “kiss” movies in the comments section.

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All Movie Talk, Special #5

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Show contents:

  • Trivia Question: Mel Brooks and David Lynch
  • Industry Trend: Film Presentation and Restoration
  • Film Spotlight: Avatar
  • Closing: Trivia Answer, Preview of the Next Episode

The link to the video compression examples mentioned in the film presentation segment is http://nfggames.com/games/ntsc/visual.shtm.

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