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Netflix has been rolling out its streaming video service slowly over the last several weeks, and this process is expected to be complete in July. But if your Netflix account doesn’t have that “Watch Now” tab enabled on it yet, you can speed up the process, apparently just by clicking this link, presumably from a browser that is already logged into your Netflix account. The link itself is http://www.netflix.com/InstantWatchingRollout?lnkctr=yas_wnopt if you’d rather copy that into your browser’s URL box directly.

So far, only Internet Explorer is supported, and only on Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista. Support for other platforms is on the way, but I don’t know what or when.

I was sort of annoyed to have to start using IE again to make use of this feature (plug for Firefox: it’s faster, more feature-rich, less of a resource hog, and less buggy). Ultimately, though, it was worth it. Here’s an account of my experience with it so far.

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Blooper: Coach Z

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I didn’t pick up on this misspeak until I was editing the segment — the Top 6 Heists segment from Episode 29. It’s a normal flub, except that it was like I was momentarily possessed by the spirit of Coach Z.

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Blooper: Dougherty

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This is from Episode 30. My mouth doesn’t do what this word wants me to do.

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Vintage: Ads For Artists, Part 3

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As we’ve explored in the earlier entries in this Ads For Artists series, it’s interesting to flip through movie materials from the 1920s and see page after page of unfamiliar names that were once the superstars of their time. Perhaps even more jarring than that are the dozens of movie titles credited to them that are all equally unfamiliar.

This week, however, we’ll be talking about three different directors who are a bit better known. And if you don’t know the names themselves, perhaps you know of some of their films.

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All Movie Talk, Episode 30

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Show contents, with start times:

  • Series Spotlight: Looney Tunes, Part 1 (1:28)
  • Trivia Question: Charlie Chaplin’s Oscar (20:47)
  • Film Buff’s Dictionary: Close-Up, Medium Shot, Long Shot (21:11)
  • Top 6: Ghost Movies (29:38)
  • Film Spotlight: Modern Times (41:53)
  • Closing: Trivia Answer, Preview of Next Week (56:23)

Press the Play button below to listen to the podcast, or the Download link to save it. Here’s how you can download new episodes automatically.

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Top 6: Ghost Movies

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What is it about ghosts that capture the imagination and catches in our minds? Whatever the reason, some great movies have been made about ghosts. We pick our favorites in the Top 6 segment for Episode 30.

What are your favorite ghost movies?

As always, we recommend listening to the episode before reading further.

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It’s interesting how much Alcatraz has captured people’s imaginations. Over the weekend, I watched Point Blank (1967), which admittedly does not make much use of the setting — it’s the kick-off point for a revenge story — but there it is, the prison on Alcatraz Island, on film once more.

But watching that movie got me thinking about other movies that use Alcatraz, and what it is about Alcatraz that’s so interesting in the first place.

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Other Good Movie Podcasts

Posted in Side Topics at 8:24 pm by Stephen

Since the discussion over at the “Who Are You?” thread got sidetracked into the realm of other movie podcasts, I thought I’d open this up for suggestions. I’ve moved the comments from that thread into this one, and added my own.


Blooper: Pivotal

Posted in Bloopers at 5:00 am by Sam

Stupid words. This one’s from Episode 28.

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Vintage: Fox

Posted in Vintage at 12:12 pm by Sam

Several weeks ago, we took a look at the early days of MGM. Let’s do the same thing this week with a studio that’s doing a little better these days: 20th Century Fox.

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