Blooper: Bad Time

Posted in Bloopers at 5:00 am by Sam

What makes me thankful about this blooper from the introduction to Episode 20 is that Stephen didn’t keep his microphone muted for it. There are some things it’s important to hear firsthand.

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Blooper: Supervisor

Posted in Bloopers at 5:00 am by Sam

This one comes from the Horatio Hornblower segment of this week’s Episode 26.

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Vintage: Before They Were Famous

Posted in Vintage at 10:19 am by Sam

Some famous people have been working a lot longer than you might think. Here are some vintage late 1920s marketing materials about famous personalities normally associated with a much later era.

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25 Great Title Sequences

Posted in Links at 5:16 am by Stephen

We’ve talked before about great movie openings — the very first scenes of a film — but what about the actual title sequences? Check out this really neat two-part video compilation on YouTube of 25 great title sequences: Part One, Part Two.

Once you’ve done that, let us know if the editors missed any of your favorites.


All Movie Talk, Episode 26

Posted in Episodes at 5:00 am by Sam

Show contents, with start times:

  • Industry Trend: Animation, Part 2 (2:36)
  • Trivia Question: Tomorrow Is Another Day (17:19)
  • Series Spotlight: Horatio Hornblower (17:55)
  • Top 6: Guilty Pleasures (27:05)
  • Fact or Fiction: Star Bios (46:28)
  • Closing: Trivia Answer, Preview of Next Week (55:34)

Press the Play button below to listen to the podcast, or the Download link to save it. Here’s how you can download new episodes automatically.

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Top 6: Guilty Pleasures

Posted in Top 6 at 4:59 am by Sam

In Episode 26, our Top 6 list is about our guilty pleasures. Our selections are distinct from those we pick for Controversial Take segments, which are movies one of us genuinely thinks is good even though maybe nobody else does. They’re distinct, too, from Good Bad Movies, which are movies we enjoy as bad movies. The titles we’ve chosen for these Top 6 lists are movies we know, deep down, are bad, but that we enjoy as good movies.

Everybody has guilty pleasures, but it takes courage to admit what they are. What are yours?

As always, we recommend listening to the episode before reading further.

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Night of the Day of the Dusk of the Watch

Posted in Side Topics at 9:56 am by Sam

Anybody seen Night Watch? It’s the first in an epic fantasy trilogy from, of all places, Russia. I’m sure Lord of the Rings paved the way for it, but it’s not medieval fantasy at all, nor in the same elegiac style. Stylistically, the trailer reminds me of Blade crossed with The Transporter, transplanted to the genre.

Anyway, the trailer for Day Watch, part two, came out a while ago. If you want, you can go back and see the trailer for the first one. Apparently the movies need to be seen in order, but the trailers don’t.

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Blooper: Century

Posted in Bloopers at 5:00 am by Sam

When we record segments for the show, we tend to work off notes. Sometimes they’re scant, other times they’re thorough, but in all cases the notes will completely throw us off if they’re wrong. For the Episode 25 segment on The Red Violin, I apparently jotted down “17th century” and then changed it to the more specific “1681,” but there was an error in my correction, and this is what I said before correcting myself in a second take.

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Blooper: Siochembio

Posted in Bloopers at 5:00 am by Sam

The biggest reason I’m posting this blooper is to embarrass one of our regulars on this site. siochembio won one of the prizes in our recent Oscar Winners contest, and this clip is me trying to pull my thoughts together for the results announcement for Episode 22. Sometimes, though, thoughts just don’t want to be pulled around.

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Vintage: MGM

Posted in Vintage at 10:29 am by Sam

How far the mighty have fallen. These days, MGM seems to get traded around like a hot potato, despite owning the most magnificient film library in the world. But at one time, it was a powerhouse. Here’s a small glimpse at MGM circa 1927.

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