Oscar Results 2006/2007

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Editor’s Note, 2/27/07: Hear our thoughts on this year’s Oscars in Episode 22 of our podcast.

It’s still too early to have organized thoughts to present here, but I wanted to open this thread for discussion of the Oscar results, if any of you are interested in pursuing that. I’ll probably post a comment here myself later, and of course we’ll cover the Oscar results on this week’s show.

The Oscar Winners


DGA, WGA, and BAFTA Awards

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The last of the major Oscar prognosticators have trickled in. Martin Scorsese won the Director’s Guild Award, which solidifies his front-runner status for the Oscar. For Best Original Screenplay, the Writer’s Guild picked Little Miss Sunshine, beating out, among others, fellow Best Picture nominees Babel and The Queen. Best Adapted Screenplay went to The Departed.

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts gave its Best Film award to The Queen and its Best British Film Award to The Last King of Scotland — somewhat bizarre, since both films were nominated in both categories.

Don’t forget to play the Academy Awards Predictions Game, especially since this year we’re giving away DVDs and books as prizes to the top three. Learn more details in Episode 18 of our podcast.


SAG Awards

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The results of the SAG Awards are in. The four individual acting awards all went to the frontrunners in their respective categories. But the “ensemble acting” award, the closest thing the SAG has to a Best Picture award, went to Little Miss Sunshine, bypassing The Departed, which many hoped would take it. That makes the second major guild win for Little Miss Sunshine, as it won the PGA earlier. The DGA and WGA will chime in over the next couple weeks.

Normally, about three of SAG’s four individual acting awards line up with Oscar’s acting awards. But the SAG Ensemble matched Oscar’s Best Picture only five times in the last ten years, although it did go to Crash last year, when all the other precursor awards were going to Brokeback Mountain. The thing to remember about the actors is that they make up the largest branch of the Academy, a bit over 20% of its membership. They aren’t the same actors in the Academy and the Guild — the Academy includes only the most accomplished actors in the field — but the voice of the acting branch carries a lot of weight.


Oscar Results

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Editor’s Note, 2/26/07: The winners have been announced. See our listing of the winners and discussion.

The Oscar nominations are in, and so are the results for the Oscar Nominations Game. User “jkjuice” placed first, correctly guessing 23 of the 26 selected nominees. But the top player whose account had been activated with our prize code was “trip,” who placed fourth overall and correctly guessed 22 out of 26 nominations. Congratulations to both of you!

My initial thoughts on the nominations follow.

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Last Chance!

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The Oscar nominations get announced tomorrow morning. That means the Academy Awards Predictions Game for guessing the nominations will close tonight sometime (not earlier than 11pm EST). Log in now to make your final guesses in the game!

Also, remember that there is a prize you can win if you enter the code supplied in All Movie Talk, Episode 11.


Golden Globe Winners

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Here are the Golden Globe results from last night. In terms of Oscar prognostication, they probably don’t affect the race at all, so I’ll let the results speak for themselves.


Guild Nominations, Round 2

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This week, a smattering of guilds announced the nominations for their own awards. This follows last week’s guild nominations. The guild nominations help put focus on what films industry workers (which comprise the Academy) are admiring this awards season and can be valuable assistance in making your predictions in the Academy Awards Predictions Game, which ends in another week and a half.

Also note that Arthur and the Invisibles has been disqualified from Oscar’s Best Animated Feature award, thus putting the number of eligible features under a key threshold: now there will be only three Best Animated Feature nominees, not five. The Academy Awards Predictions Game will remain unchanged: you’ll have five chances to guess three nominees.

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Guild Nominations, Round 1

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The first round of guild nominations are in, specifically the PGA (Producer’s Guild Awards) and SAG (Screen Actor’s Guild) awards.

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The Oh So Golden Globes

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The Golden Globe nominations came in this week, and it’s business as usual: everybody goes nuts over it, either treating the awards like they’re second to the Oscars in importance, or treating them as the key to predicting the Oscar nominations. In fact, the Globes are neither.

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Do You Care About Awards?

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The calendar crept into December last week while I wasn’t looking, which means there is less than a month left in the year. Which means that movie studios have fewer than 30 days to release their movies in order for them to be eligible for the 2006 award season (which takes place in 2007). But despite all the hooplah, it seems there is a dwindling interest in the awards — TV ratings have been down lately, with the Oscar telecasts in 2006 and 2003 being the lowest rated in recent years — so I have to wonder: do you care about awards?

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